An Established Law Firm Offering Tailored Solutions To Unique Circumstances

An Established Law Firm Offering Tailored Solutions To Unique Circumstances

Understanding North Carolina DWI Laws

Like many states, North Carolina has taken DWI, or drunk driving charges very seriously. The state has passed some of the strictest drinking and driving laws ever adopted in the U.S.

However, issues can easily affect whether you face charges or dismissal. Determining whether you were actually impaired, whether the police officer had cause to stop your vehicle, and whether he or she followed proper protocol during your arrest are just a handful of questions that should be addressed.

Due to the severity of DWI sentencing in North Carolina, our attorneys explore all avenues in preparation of your defense.

Hire A Criminal Defense Team Who Will Fight For Your Rights

When facing criminal charges, your legal representation has a significant impact on how your case plays out. Choosing a lawyer with experience in DWI representation is very important.

At McPherson & Mills, in High Point, we are experienced in handling crimes and infractions at all stages of the proceedings – from pre-charge investigation through trial. This comprehensive nature of our practice enhances our ability to provide informed advice at all stages of criminal proceedings. Our attorneys have obtained “not guilty” verdicts and dismissals in a wide range of criminal cases. We have also won many reversals on appeal. 

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